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In case you haven't gotten teh news, April is Autism Awarenes Month, but for someone like myself, every month is Autism Awareness Month. There will be several more blog posts from various Walfasers about autism throughout the month of April, and maybe even beyond that.

Today's topic is disclosing your diagnosis. Now obviously there is a stigma of letting just about anyone know that you have a mental illness. It's going to be hard telling people you're autistic, because of when it should eb appropriate to do it and how people will react. let's break this down:

The biggest issue: People overall don't know the first thing about autism. Maybe they've heard of it in a PSA or something, but otherwise, they think nothing of it. You're going to have to educate them. What you will need to tell them is what exactly you being autistic entails. Don't simply say, "I'm autistic." Say, "I'm autistic; that means..." For example, "I'm autistic; that means I can't tell thing from looking at your eyes." and "I'm autistic; that means this building is full of strobe lights to me."

Disclosing it at school: All faculty at school have to know that you have autism. That way, if they start anything with you, you can consult their higher-ups or find a good prosecuting attorney to counter it. Disclosing your diagnosis to students is the real hurdle. It's likely to be fodder for bullying. With that in mind, disclose your diagnosis to your closest friends. They can readily muster themselves as backup for when you spead this disclosure throughout the school.

At the workplace: Your boss is not going to care about your autism unless there is an occomodation that you need to do your job better. Then it becomes a legal issue, and they must provide your with that accomodation. The law's called Americans with Disabilities Act, and you can take them to court if they harass you about it in any way. Disclose it to your superior first, that way, disclosure to co-workers is safer. If your co-workers have a problem with your autism, then you have someone to lean on who can demote, cut wages, or even fire people.

In your personal life: There should be no reason for relatives not to know about you being autistic. Period. Your friends should know, too. If they show disdain for you for being autistic, then they're not your friend. Your lover should know that you're autistic, hence why rock concerts and bar hopping turns you off, and you'd rather spend time in a quiet, dimly-lit setting where you two can be alone.

In the Station Wagon: So you're afraid to let the Station Wagon know that you're autistic. Puh-lease. I'm autistic. TobiObito4ever is autistic. MrHeart24 is autistic. Wilhiemthe2nd is autistic. According to my old Average Walfaser survey, a third of the Wagon is autistic. The only place where autism is less of a stigma is at a Weird Al concert, so sure, let the whole place know.


P.S.: If you're wanting to disclose yourself as "self-diagnosed," I have a bone to pick with you. I'll save it for a later post, but for now, just don't bring up your self-diagnosis.

The Collaboration Folder:

Remember all the way back in late 2012 when we had the first State of the Wagon Address and we planned a Collaborations folder? Well, not shortly after, we met a lot of red tape and the collaborations folder was never made.

Now, roughly a year and a half later, the red tape's been cut and The Collaborations Folder is now LIVE! The collab folder is also open to affiliates, so if you're apart of any of the Walfas clubs, feel free to use it as well. If you're not part of the community, we can approve of projects that seem relevant to the group.

How it works: Make a journal entry regarding the project and submit it. From there, you're basically in charge of running it yourself.
Got a project you need help on? Post it there!
Need a beta-reader or beta-watcher? Post it there!
Want to start your own contest? Post it there!
Need a co-writer? Post it there!
And lastly, want to get more active in the community? Jump into a project there!


Some of you may have noticed that with the new administration hard at work, submission times have been sped up by 500%. However, with the submissions sped up, it also means submitting something to the wrong folder will either get rejected more quickly or misfiled more quickly.

So, here's a list of folders and what they are supposed to do:

Featured: The cream of the crop: either outstanding comics, useful tutorials, amazing props, or important announcements. Only admins have access to this, but feel free to suggest featured stuff if you run by something great.

Animu Faces: For avatars made with the Anime Face maker thingies.

Collaboration Personals: As stated before, for project collab announcements.

Comics: Exactly what it says on the tin: narrative comics. Single screenshots do not count, but Far Side-style one-panel comics with dialogue might count if it feels right.

Comics Archives: Once we hit our limit, the old comic folders are archived. Nobody can submit to these, but they contain all of our older comics.

Contest Winners: The winners of the previous contest. Only admins can move stuff here.

Contests: The official WSW contests. Please follow the rules, or your submission will be deleted. The contest folder is locked between contests to ensure nobody uploads things to this folder by accident. It is up to the admins hosting or co-hosting the contest folder to lock/unlock it. Affiliates are encouraged to join, as these contests are open to the Walfas community in-general.

Custom Walfas: Props, backgrounds, and other custom items for create.swf.

DNA Gallery: Character DNA with images to show you what they look like.

DVD Bonus Contest - Videos: For Walfas videos (mostly, at least). These are mainly just links to YouTube vids.

Fanfiction: Written works. These require no approval, as we tend to be very blunt about reviewing fanfiction around here.

Fanwork Submissions: For fanart of original characters.

Huggles: Part of the huggles meme: hug a person!

Inside The Station Wagon: True/partly true stories about the WSW/Walfas community. Not-real stories go under comics.

Love Pillow Shenanigans: Part of the love pillow meme.

Other: Single screenshots, pictures, previews, and anything that's not a comic.

Persona 4: For Persona 4 related art.

Pretty Pretty Contagion: A proto-club-wide Tennis, hosted by MiniWitch3. Witness the WSW take on the army of Pretty Pretty Ponies. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll... um... mostly laugh.

Questions and Answers: For Ask Blogs and such.

Spell Cards: Recreating danmaku patterns or fighting game spell cards in create.swf.

Station Wagon Love Children: DNA splicing of Touhou characters, Author avatars, and beyond. Here's a guide on how to do it.

Table Flipping: Part of the Table Flipping meme: flip a table at somebody, something, or anything. It's commonly seen as the easiest place to start in the group since you can basically greet people by flipping tables at them.

Touhou: For non-Walfas Touhou fanart.

Touhou Hijacks: For when you tag a real location with something Touhou related (but please, keep it legal).

Touhou Life Results: Based on the Touhou Life Meme. Make a comic about your results using the Touhou Life generator.

Tutorials: Visual guides on how to do virtually anything.

Twilight of the Hakurei: A club-wide Walfas tennis, inspired by Pretty Pretty Contagion. Join the Hakurei clan and all sorts of youkai through post-apocalyptic Gensokyo as they get whittled down one by one by ruthless villains. Will continue until the whole cast is dead.

What we look like: Exactly what it says on the tin: this is what we look like in real life.

We still have quite a lot of work ahead of us in April, but so-far-so-good; especially after that rough March. We'll keep you posted on any other new developments, and if you got any suggestions/concerns, post them in the comments below.

Happy Walfasing,
-The Walfas Station Wagon
Hey there everyone! I know I haven't been on lately, but I've been dealing with IRL issues and also helping out my best friend. Anyway, right now I'm here to announce something that probably should have been announced about the same time yesterday.

We have some new contributors for 2014! These guys have been here for a long while and have actually contributed to the betterment of the station wagon in some way. So let's give a standing ovation for them! (Standing ovation is optional, but completely recommended.)

The new contributors are:
:icondeitydiz93: DeityDiz
:iconexporygon: ExPorygon
:iconbleachbummer: BleachBummer
:iconsturmgescuts: Sturm
:icontehwolf7: Roy

We do have some senior members too!
These people include:
:icondaemoniken: Daemoniken
:iconttbnc: Tom
:iconcrystalgreatsword: Crystal
:iconkigurou-enkou: Deb/Alyss
:icontavristhecat: Tavris
:iconaiyfproductions: AIYF

There's probably more that I missed. Please nominate those who you think could be senior members though!

These members are shining examples of those who follow the Walfas Station Wagon Creed of doing things, so here's the creed!

"Our goal is to cultivate both artistic skill, writing craft, and personal development through the Walfas community. We are here to help each other through thick and thin, regardless of how differently we see the world. It is our duty as both artists and human beings to better ourselves artistically, socially, and emotionally. Should we fail, we will learn from our mistakes and use them to improve: we will never fool ourselves into thinking we can never learn, but strive through trial and error. Should we falter, we will ask for help. Should we succeed, we will keep our success as a reference to grow our confidence, self-esteem, and artistic knowledge. Should my fellow member fail, I will let them know with tact, but empathy: they only did the best they could do at the moment. Should my fellow member falter, I will help in any way possible, but understand that I am not them: my solution may not always work in their world. Should my fellow member succeed, I will give them the praise and appreciation they deserve."

Anyway, what do you all think of this? I'm really curious!
The deviation submissions has been going much faster lately too o.o

Well, see y'all later then!

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Group Info

A Touhou Doujin Circle, featuring comic makers, animators, musicians, and writers from DeviantArt and Youtube, specializing in Walfas stuff.

If you want to submit stuff, read this guide!
Difficulty Submission Guide
Creator/OC DNA

Group Raidcall Information: This is our public voice chat for the WSW, Affilliates, and fans of Walfas/Touhou. The fastest way to contact our active admins, get help with projects, do collabs, report problems, or just plain hang out with the community is to join this!

Archived Communications:
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Founded 1 Year ago
Jul 22, 2012


Group Focus
Art Creation

448 Members
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NOTE 1: Spaztique is only the technical admin and behind-the-scenes tech jocky. The ACTUAL Founders are htfkid2000 and kitty233.

NOTE 2: Contributors do not reflect current status of the administration. Some admins are no longer active.


Gallery Folders

Collaboration Personals
Twilight of the Hakurei
Touhou Life Results
Animu Faces
Love Pillow Shenanigans
Pretty Pretty Pony Contagion
Questions And Answers
Spell Cards
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Touhou Hijacks
DVD Bonus Content - Videos
What We Look Like



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If all my one shots get rejected, then that's a sure sign that I don't belong here. I'm not good at comics, one shots are the only thing I'm good at

Baii  Until I can make something decent.
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you are a good artist
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I didn't say I was quitting. I'm just going to wait a little until I feel like trying again.
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