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Official website!

I got a lot of news, so hear me out, aighty?

A lot of us are losing momentum in the final days of NaNoWriMo, like we just decided to stop writing altogether. Here's the thing: those who give up are those who don't have novels, so never, never, never give up.

If you are having trouble, I will teach you my awesome technique, which I really should have taught earlier. I haven't thought of a cool name for it, but it requires a good-length writing session, say, two hours. It's simple really; it goes like this:

30 minutes of writing. No checking word count. No going to the bathroom. No getting a drink or some food. Fox only. Final Destination.
15 minute break. Check your word count and do what you need here.
30 minutes of power writing like above.
15 minute break
Keep looping these two steps.

Even if you write at a piddly 20 words per minute, you will still muster 600 words per burst of writing. If you wanna know how much writing you'll get done for the day look at how much time you'll devote to writing with this handy list:

2 hours (I got free time!)
3 legs
Low estimate yield: 1800 words

5 hours (I got a while!)
7 legs
Low estimate yield: 4200 words

8 hours (Working a shift)
11 legs
Low estimate yield: 6600 words

11 hours (I got all day!)
15 legs
Low estimate yield: 9000 words

14 hours (I'm the Juggernaut!)
19 legs
Low estimate yield: 11,400 words

You can take advantage of the free time you'll have this long weekend and write the hell out of your novel. It ain't over until December. Don't give up!

But as for those who have already ascended into being above 50k, you should get your novel verified as soon as possible, so you can have that fancy purple bar and printable certificate ;P

The last two years, we hosted a NaNoWriMo Finish Line party, and I wanna do it again this year, but I don't know if I can make it, so hopefully it will happen without me coming in until I can. It should go throughout November 30 in the NaNoWriMo text and voice chats on Discord, until 2 a.m. of December 1, Central Time.Please let me know what you think.


Town Haul, November 2015

As a reminderTown Haul is taking place on November 21st at 5:00 PM Central Time on our Discord group. BleachBummer will also be streaming on his for those of you wishing to listen in outside of that group.

As another heads up, most of the more finite details about our meeting today are covered in the Town Haul: November on the 21st, 5:00 PM Central journal entry, but here is a quick summarization of the topics we will be expecting to go over:

  • An open session to discuss improvements to Discord, this will be done via DeityDiz93 who will be sending an email comprised of all sorts of ideas and suggestions to better our new hub for communication.
  • Finding out what to do with contests, the community has had a severe lack of contests and there are reason for that, so this will be a session devoted to giving people insight and where we will go from here with contests in the WSW.
  • Questions and anything not covered, please keep the questions and topics on a level which the community is aware of though.
  • Project Announcements and Publicity segment, prepare yourselves with a link to your DA and project for the minutes.
This that all being said and reminded of, we look forwards to seeing you all partake in this Town Haul!
Greetings fellow Walfas Station Wagon members,

It would be that time again for the next Town Haul meeting, we got a few topics we would like to discuss that will primarily revolve around membership discussion, reflection, and input. That being said, we encourage folks to read over the topics down below and come to Discord's Town Haul meeting to share their direct thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

Town Haul will be on Saturday on the 21st of November at 5:00 PM Central Time. Thank you all of those who got there times and dates in, it's a little late for the change to this journal, but that was to give everyone time. There will be a reminder journal tomorrow for people to have an extra notification just in case.

So here is the lineup for topics:

  • Let's make suggestions to improve Discord: DeityDiz93 has been working on an email reply to the Founder and CEO of Discord, they have asked for suggestions on improving Discord and thus will be used as an opportunity for the members and admins to come up with ideas and suggestions for improvement to be sent to Discord. Come see what has already been suggested and be ready to offer some realistic suggestion on improving our new communication hub!

  • Contests in the Walfas Station Wagon: For a while now, some of the anticipated contests back from the WSW Fall/Winter Contest Results, which was results gathered for future contest suggestions, have been highly postponed greatly. The cause of this topic here is to cover what we can do as a group to fix this. Contest usually don't take place in November because of NaNoWriMo, so this will be a chance to organize where we go with contests before Christmas hits, more details will follow come the meeting.

  • Questions and Anything not listed: As always, if there's something you'd rather have directly addressed in the Town Haul, or don't think of anything else until the last minute, it goes here. Feel free to suggest more in the comments ahead of time if you strongly feel there's something to be addressed, whether a negative happening, or something that can be positively improved on. But please keep issues mentioned on the level in which the community as a whole is mostly aware of, rather than small issues that affect only a small number of people in front of everyone bring things like that up individually in private with one of the admins before or after the meeting.

  • Project Announcements and Publicity: Got a project you or anyone else needs publicity for? Now's the time to bring it up! Tip: Have a description of your thinf, a link to it, and your DeviantArt user profile link ready so it all can get linked in the minutes.

If you cannot make it, please post your concern/announcement in the comments section below. This will prove us a chance to make your voice heard if it cannot be in the meeting. Post your comments if you need to let us know why you couldn't make it and what you wanted to say.

As always, with the possibility of bringing up controversial and hot topic, just remember to keep it civil. We won't get anywhere with an issue if it becomes a heated debate or argument, solutions will be accessible if you keep things civil. Keep this in mind, controversial or dramatic topics may be brought up at a moment's notice; but thankfully things can easily stay civil if you approach it as such.

In the meantime while we wait, the Wonderful World of Walfas Panel has been released! You can watch that here:

Walfas Station WagonDiz
(Let us look forwards to seeing what we can do, fellow wagoners)
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Group Info

A Touhou Doujin Circle, featuring comic makers, animators, musicians, and writers from DeviantArt and Youtube, specializing in Walfas stuff. For community guidelines and policies, read the About Us page.

Vital Guides - START HERE!!!:
The WSW Rules/Submission Guide 2015 Edition (Illustrated Examples to come...)
GreenJake and Shingo's Guide for Starters
Vachvell's Create.Swf Guide For Beginners
Difficulty Submission Guide
Creator/OC DNA

Invite link to the WSW Discord Group: We are currently using a voice chat app called Discord to do voice conversations. This is our latest public voice chat for the WSW, Affilliates, and fans of Walfas/Touhou. The fastest way to contact our active admins, get help with projects, do collabs, report problems, or just plain hang out with the community is to join this! We'll get a tutorial out on how to get Discord working soon, so hang in there!

NOTE: Please supply your DA username in your membership application to the Raidcall group, otherwise you may be denied.

Archived Communications:
Public Chatroom:…
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Jul 22, 2012


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NOTE 1: Spaztique is only the technical admin and behind-the-scenes tech jocky. The ACTUAL Founders are htfkid2000 and kitty233.

NOTE 2: Some of the admins on this list may no longer be active. Should you feel an admin is not doing their job or merely taking up space, please bring it up with the group so we may review/remove them.

Have suggestions, concerns, feedback, or complaints for our admins? Send them to The WSW Question Box. (Note: Do not use this to target or single out members. If you notice somebody's conduct is hurting others, it's best you just bring it to an admin directly.)

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Ceej39 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
I think this could be a neat idea: What if we had a pool of scripts/voice recordings freely available for use by comic makers and animators who are struggling to come up with story ideas?
Noraneko-Sparks Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Post a journal up with some ya gather, and hell ya!  We'll slap it in the projects folder!
LancetheGallade1500 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
So, uh, apparently Eleceon is making a WSW Life, and people submit their Author Avatar DNAs into the comment section of a journal entry he made.

This is a very good idea, as in the full version, people who end up with Walfasers they've never heard of would want to check them out, and it would be free publicity for everyone involved. But I do have to ask: are any of you admins and big names out there thinking of joining? Because most of the people in his preview are smack-dab between "well-known" and "obscure."

Here's the link if you're interested: [LINK]
And to the preview: [OTHER LINK]
Studio-dReAmZ-5592 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
thank you for caring. . .
DeityDiz93 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Certainly. Rest in piece, Molly.
PhazonMonado Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I've been trying to get back into walfas lately, but I've been having a lot of trouble with Create.swf, as trying to open it on the site just gives me a download for the installer, which installs another Create.swf intaller, and so on, and even getting Create.swf from another person has the same problem, does anyone know a way around this?
rsgmaker Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Try updating flash, or use another browser.
PhazonMonado Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I've tried both of those now, still doesn't work
rsgmaker Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
reinstall your browser.
you can try flash projector. Windows Mac Linux.
if nothing works, your computer could be having a larger problem,
if that is the case the only thing you could do is likely a system restore, or reinstalling your OS/factory restore...
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