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Want an affiliation? Send a Note to the group. If it's growing, positive, and shares the same values of growth, cooperation, and group camaraderie, you can be an affiliate! Members of affiliates may submit stuff and freely submit things to contests.

Town Haul, August 2015

As a reminder, Town Haul is taking place August 30th at 5:00 PM Central Time on our Raidcall group, BleachBummer will also be streaming on his Twitch page, so if there are those of you wanting to watch the meeting via livestream, it's available.

For reference, most of the finite details were covered in the Town Haul August on Sunday the 30th, 5 PM Central journal, but for those who want a short list of our topics, here you are:

  • At TouhouCon, there will be a Walfas panel, more details will come at the meeting.
  • Anything not covered, please keep the questions and topics on a level which the community is aware of though.
  • Project Announcements and Publicity segment, prepare yourselves with a link to your DA and project for the minutes.
That's about it, until then folks!
It is time, folks. Time once again for our monthly Town Haul meeting's announcement. Hope folks have had a nice summer despite the heat, and mainly for a few others, a welcome break from school.

Just like last time, things have been relatively peaceful, so there is currently not a whole lot to talk about. However this gives us a chance to keep the meeting short as well as open to suggestions for community related topics you might have.

The Town Haul meet will be taking place on Sunday the 30th at 5:00 Past Midnight on Central Time. If you cannot make it on this date, do not worry, the Town Haul Minutes will be released with important info as well as the full recorded session.

We hope to see as many people as we can and look forwards to what all of you have to offer for the community.

So, what topics we have so far for the meeting? Here is what we have:
  • TouhouCon's The Wonderful World of Walfas Panel: Very soon here, our group of Walfaser will be taking Walfas to the one and only Touhou-based Convention! More details will be provided come the Town Haul meeting and afterward minutes, you definitely will want to hear this, this will be our biggest highlight of the year thus far! 
(Link to TouhouCon itself and more details about it can be seen here in the meantime!)
  • Questions and Anything not listed: As always, if there's something you'd rather have directly addressed in the Town Haul, or don't think of anything else until the last minute, it goes here. Feel free to suggest more in the comments ahead of time if you strongly feel there's something to be addressed, whether a negative happening, or something that can be positively improved on. But please keep issues mentioned on the level in which the community as a whole is mostly aware of, rather then small issues that affect only a small number of people in front of everyone, bring things like that up individually in private with one of the admins after the meeting.
  • Project Announcements and Publicity: Got a project you or anyone else needs publicity for? Now's the time to bring it up! Tip: Have a link and your DA name ready so it can get linked in the minutes.
If you cannot make it, please post your concerns/announcements in this post. This will prove us a chance to make your voice heard if it cannot be in the meeting. Post your comments if you need to let us know why you couldn't make it, and what you wanted to say.

As always, with the possibility of bringing up controversial and hot topic, just remember: keep it civil. We won't get anywhere with an issue if it becomes a hated debate or argument, solutions will be accessible if you keep things civil. Keep this in mind, controversial or dramatic topics may be brought up at a moment's notice; but thankfully things can easily stay civil if you approach it as such.

With all that said, get those time and date suggestion's in, and let us continue to congregate together in this on-going era of peace and order for our group.

Walfas Station WagonDiz
Until the next meeting, fellow wagoners.
Recordings done by ORT451
Previous Town Haul's Minutes can be seen here.

July 2015 Town Haul Minutes:

Updated WSW Guide

The WSW Rules/Submission Guide 2015 Edition is out and with it a new set of rules and regulations. This indeed was long overdue but thankfully this will hold together for awhile now that it's released.

If you are a new member, this is a must see. If you are a regular member, still look to see what has changed from the last guide. We will also be paraphrasing/linking this guide if a submission to the group violates our rules and/or standards.

Edit: Know also that the WSW Rules/Submission exists on the front page under the "Group Info" widget and also on our "About Us" tab. So when this journal is overshadowed eventually, please do look for them there.

How did you join the Walfas Station Wagon/Touhou communities?

To mark the 3rd-year anniversary of the Walfas Station Wagon, on of the topic during the Town Haul was a timed summery of how people got into Touhou and/or Walfas. Because of that, there was a time limit imposed on folks to keep the meeting length consistent so not everyone there that day got to share their full stories.

So if you've got a story to share, take to the comment section of this journal to share the story in full!

If you were left not fulfilling every detail because of the time limit or because of a technical issue, then take this time to recollect your story for us. Even if you weren't at this Town Haul's meeting, please join in and tell us how wacky, heartwarming, inspiring, and/or whatever else your story might be.

Note: If you have an announcement that you'd also would like to post in the comments because you missed your chance at the Town Haul meeting:
Please post the announcement first and the story second.

Where are we, 14 Town Haul sessions later?

Town Hauls have had an interesting history for this group. It started out as a very good means to address issues of the community with the members of the WSW to enable transparency. However the issues of the WSW were continuing to be brought up each Town Haul, each time getting the point of reiteration and even putting a damper on people's spirits.

However, this Town Haul meeting there were no issues affecting the community as a whole this time around. This being one of the few times this has ever taken place is a result of the entire group's efforts to spread positivity. This which was reiterated last Town Haul as a means to stop the vocal minorities and ground-breaking issues from taking place as they have so much in the past.

The idea was to encourage the spread positive comments on others Walfas works to generally spread love and care to each other, on their own accord as well.

While activity of Walfas stuff still ranges from steady to slow, it still has been a very good time for us, it continues to be a better place with the combined endeavor to spread positivity whenever folks can. Whether it has be welcoming and/or helping new members, to giving folks a nice comment for their hard work; it's become true that because of this that we've had no ground-breaking community issues with negativity.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and still contributes to this cause!

Project Announcements

Note: If you want a better description or correction of misinformation for your project if it was listed from the meeting, notify DeityDiz93. Otherwise leave an announcement in the comments for those who missed the meeting session.

Community Projects:

  • DeityDiz93 announced a follow up to the progress of the Oldworks Contest, the Touhou PC-98 contest with good news about the progress. However yet another delay come to be with the sudden absence of the contest's co-host. However this will likely not last much longer as most everything is primed and ready to go when the co-host is able to return, please stay tuned!
  • Lyhoko announced a second coming of the WalfasRonpa roleplay group. However a bit of sabotage took place there between the old contributors and most of the old gallery content was removed, but updates suggest that to be fixed and the group to start up it's roleplaying again later down the line.
  • BleachBummer still needs lines for his voiced Wadanohara Let's Play. All he needs from everyone is to record themselves saying "Bun bun!". People are to record themselves via something like Audacity or something similar. Then they are to then send it to him on Skype or Raidcall. So for that: Here's the script. Additionally, he's working on an original Madoka RPG project! This project still needs spriters, artists, musicians, sound effects artists, animators, and voice actors.

Individual Projects:

  • Captainface has put his Walfas Course series on the topic of Autism on hold for a little while due to a busy period. He will also be starting a big group project revolved around animation. If you would like more details on that, Captain asks you send him a note for discussion.
  • redbeatsmermaid last year made the Walfas Station Wagon a gift for it's second-year anniversary called Nitori and the little WSW. She has announced that she will do another one in honor of the third-year anniversary of the Walfas Station Wagon! Keep your eyes peeled for her own individual announcement as she will be looking for tons of people to add!
  • KiyoshiTheWolf is looking for assistance with his project called Spectacles of Eros comic series which is based off of BlazBlue's Rachel Alucard's gag reel, specifically from BlazBlue Continuum Shift, and the return of the same gag in Blazblue Chronophantasma. He can be contacted on Raidcall but would prefer dA or his his Skype for the cause. Gallery here. As well as the two accompanying journals, this one and this too.
  • FCTF2 is starting up on a crossover fanfiction based on Xenoblade Chronicles named Cirnoblade Chronicles. It's stars some of the Walfas Station Wagon folks, but FCT2 would be looking for critiques on it. More details and a place to provide feedback can be found here.
  • StevosStuff asked for someone to record a closeup of someone's lips with bright red lipstick on. This will be for a bit of lip-syncing for a song Stevo wrote. Secondly, Stevo's working on an upcoming tabletop RPG involving shipping NPC characters together: The process will involve people creating NPCs for the cause. More on that here, and an additional example template for a complete character sheet is seen at the second page of the Google Doc.
  • Ceej39 uploaded the first of a few animation and style tests for the Diamond in the Rough remake. Here is the example video based on the scene originally in Episode 7 of Diamond in the Rough. He will also be seeking feedback from third-parties so stay tuned!
  • Carlos1225 has still been attempting to recruit people for a Dungeons and Dragons or Game of Thrones styled campaign. However he recently did lose his rulebook file, if you know him on Skype or anywhere else and he has send a copy of his file to you, send it back his way. Additionally he is still looking for help in the form of beta testers and voice contributions for a project based on Duwee-DavisII's Game of Touhou crossover. Vocal example here.
  • Cirnolover9 after getting his last story, rifted decided to start another story where the synopsis is about the Three Fairies of Light attempting to pull a prank on Yukari Yakumo. Keep an eye out for it!
  • DustedEnderman has been working on a Touhou Doom Boss Rush. It also will feature multiplayer compatibility so you and your friends can tackle the challenge together! At the time of the announcement, it was not up for download, however, it is now! If you would like to see the boss rush map in action, watch this and/or this.


  • Bluyidark as of now is not accepting art commissions due to an upcoming project. Stay tuned of you would like to commission him when he is done with said project.

Apologizes for the delays of the minutes, however this next month's Town Haul will be coming up soon so keep an eye out for the next journal entry.

Nonetheless, thanks goes out to everyone who has helped shape the community to be more positive, please keep it up! Let us make sure many of our future Town Hauls will be without big problems too!
More Journal Entries

Group Info

A Touhou Doujin Circle, featuring comic makers, animators, musicians, and writers from DeviantArt and Youtube, specializing in Walfas stuff. For community guidelines and policies, read the About Us page.

Vital Guides - START HERE!!!:
The WSW Rules/Submission Guide 2015 Edition (Illustrated Examples to come...)
GreenJake and Shingo's Guide for Starters
Vachvell's Create.Swf Guide For Beginners
Difficulty Submission Guide
Creator/OC DNA

Group Raidcall Information: This is our public voice chat for the WSW, Affilliates, and fans of Walfas/Touhou. The fastest way to contact our active admins, get help with projects, do collabs, report problems, or just plain hang out with the community is to join this!
Join us on Voice Chat here!

NOTE: Please supply your DA username in your membership application to the Raidcall group, otherwise you may be denied.

Archived Communications:
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NOTE 2: Some of the admins on this list may no longer be active. Should you feel an admin is not doing their job or merely taking up space, please bring it up with the group so we may review/remove them.

Have suggestions, concerns, feedback, or complaints for our admins? Send them to The WSW Question Box. (Note: Do not use this to target or single out members. If you notice somebody's conduct is hurting others, it's best you just bring it to an admin directly.)

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