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Want an affiliation? Send a Note to the group. If it's growing, positive, and shares the same values of growth, cooperation, and group camaraderie, you can be an affiliate! Members of affiliates may submit stuff and freely submit things to contests.
Recording by ORT451: Archived here.

HUGE thanks to DeityDiz93 for his superb moderation and ideas for this Town Haul.

Minutes for the February 2015:

How we can deal with community issues...

First, don't immedietly seek Spaztique for everything. There's a whole team of mods and members willing to help, not to mention many situations you can deal with yourself in constructive manners. The problem is that most members are too scared to seek many of the other mods or members, usually out of unfamiliarity. Remember: they get more experience when they get more involved, and you get you problem solved more quickly if everything's not piled onto one person. If you want a list of available mods, check out the About Us page. If you're a regular member who want to make a name for yourself, read on.

Next, it seems that most of the WSW's negativity appears mainly on DeviantArt. The members on the voice chat tend to have more contact with fellow members, not to mention troublesome members are dealt with more quickly. The goal of the our regulars should be to spread that positivity from the chats to the DA group.

Here's how you can help:

  • Leave more constructive, positive comments! That's how the original WSW started: a bunch of guys leaving comments on eachother's videos. Constructive means you tell people why you liked what you saw (or even tips on how to improve), and positive means you have the intent on helping the person out, putting a smile on their face, or at least making their life better. If you cannot leave a constructive comment, at least brighten somebody's day.
  • Remember that fear hurts groups: fear of speaking up, fear of seeking help, fear of getting hurt, all these keep you from taking action to improve things and make things better. MagnumPhoenixZX has managed to speak up in spite of fear, and he's confronted big issues with no problem.
  • Beware the dangers of negativity: Fear spreads fear, hatred spreads hatred, sarcasm breeds sarcasm. Don't add onto it: when others are negative, you act positive; when others spread fear, you spread hope; when others are sarcastic, you'll be honest. And remember: if somebody continuously bothers you, just block and ignore. Don't stalk, don't complain, just act as if they don't exist and move on.
  • Encourage people to use the chat more. It's the fastest way to contacting our members. Either join the Skype group (now re-instated!) or our public Raidcall chat (if you have to apply, write your DA page name). Most of the Walfas community congregates on the voice chats, anyway, so take advantage of them. It'll increase your traffic, your network, the people you can get help from, and most importantly, more friends.
  • Basically, CONNECT WITH MORE PEOPLE, AND CONNECT WITH PEOPLE MORE. The amount of love you get back is a reflection of how much you regularly send out. So, send out more love!

DeityDiz offers this challenge:
How much positivity can you spread in a week?
How many comments can you leave to put a smile on somebody's face or help them out in a week?
How much fun could you have doing this? And would you want to do it?

GreenJake Evaluation

In a vote of 33 to 7, GreenJake gets to remain as a mod for his increasing activity in the community.


Seems that feedback on the new folders are positive, but props may need some organization. Also, thanks to the recommendation of Ceej39 for re-arranging the folders, with the most active folders on top.

Project Announcements/Publicity!

We'll see you for the next Town Haul in March! In the meantime...


Town Haul at 7 PM Central on 2/21/15!

Participate live on our Raidcall server or watch it via the SMSL stream.

This is your last chance to bring up any complaints, grievances, ideas, suggestions, or mod-related issues. If you cannot post here, you'll have to speak up for yourself at the actual Town Haul.

More details of Town Haul here.
It's voting time! Follow the instructions below.

See the entries here!

1. Vote for the entries in the form below. Do not vote for yourself, or your vote will not count, plus it will count against you. Do not only vote for your friends: vote based on quality. Trust me: we can tell based on your voting habits.

2. Link your DA page in the form.

3. Confirm you voted in this post. If not, your vote will not count.

IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR ENTRY ON THE LIST, NOTIFY SPAZTIQUE ASAP! Changes will be noted. This is your last chance to change your categories.

-TouhouCommoner: My Septette for the Dead Princess has been okayed as an Touhou Drama/Tearjerker entry! If you have already voted and wish to recast, reply to your own vote confirmation by saying, "Changing my Touhou Drama/Teajerker entry to TouhouCommoner: My Septette for the Dead Princess""
-ORT451: Can't Stop the Top added to Best Use Of Customs. Again, if you wish to change your vote, reply to your own vote confirmation, "Changing my Best Use of Customs to Can't Stop The Top".

Voting closes on February 18
at Midnight, Central Time. Results will be available somewhere after the 20th.


Voting is now closed! Tallying votes and making awards comic in the coming days! Thanks to everyone who participated!

UPDATE (2/22/15): Scores have been calculated! We now have our winners. Now I just need time to sit down and make the comic. If you'd like a cameo in the comic or want to present one of the awards, contact me and give me a fancy award show version of your DNA.
More Journal Entries

Group Info

A Touhou Doujin Circle, featuring comic makers, animators, musicians, and writers from DeviantArt and Youtube, specializing in Walfas stuff. For community guidelines and policies, read the About Us page.

Vital Guides - START HERE!!!:
The Illustrated Guide To Submitting to the WSW 2012 Edition (To Be Updated Soon)
GreenJake and Shingo's Guide for Starters
Vachvell's Create.Swf Guide For Beginners
Difficulty Submission Guide
Creator/OC DNA

Group Raidcall Information: This is our public voice chat for the WSW, Affilliates, and fans of Walfas/Touhou. The fastest way to contact our active admins, get help with projects, do collabs, report problems, or just plain hang out with the community is to join this!
Join us on Voice Chat here!

NOTE: Please supply your DA username in your membership application to the Raidcall group, otherwise you may be denied.

Archived Communications:
Public Chatroom:…
Founded 3 Years ago
Jul 22, 2012


Group Focus
Art Creation

573 Members
627 Watchers
298,989 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


NOTE 1: Spaztique is only the technical admin and behind-the-scenes tech jocky. The ACTUAL Founders are htfkid2000 and kitty233.

NOTE 2: Some of the admins on this list may no longer be active. Should you feel an admin is not doing their job or merely taking up space, please bring it up with the group so we may review/remove them.

Have suggestions, concerns, feedback, or complaints for our admins? Send them to The WSW Question Box. (Note: Do not use this to target or single out members. If you notice somebody's conduct is hurting others, it's best you just bring it to an admin directly.)


Gallery Folders

Fanfiction and Prose Works
Project and Collab Announcements
Twilight of the Hakurei
Touhou Life Results
Animu Faces
Pretty Pretty Pony Contagion
Questions And Answers
Spell Cards
Original Or Non-Touhou Art
Touhou Hijacks
Animations and Videos
What We Look Like
Props - Recolors and Edits
Props - Original and Custom
Prop Art
DNA Gallery 2015
DNA Gallery Archive 1
Other Archive 1
Comics 2012-Mar 2014
Comics Archive 2
Custom Walfas Archive 1



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Hat-Warrior-999 Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  New member
and everyone you could give me some tips to improve myself I start making walfas there are only two months so I'm not about me ^w^
MikiBandy Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Writer
There are plenty of members out here that will not hesitate to help you out. And since you're really new to the community, I would like to refer to a Walfas group in which I am an admin on that is meant for helping walfasers improve both newcomers and veterans alike! 

Here you can find guidelines that can help you get started and there will be more to come! 
Hat-Warrior-999 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  New member
thank you ^^
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I accidentally added a comic to the wrong place.

Please don't accept the one that I accidentally added to the Love Children folder. XD

Whoopsies. Sorry.
DeityDiz93 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Not a problem, it's an easy fix. Also if you do submit something to the wrong folder you can withdraw your submission and simply submit it to the correct folder. ^^
Leo360WalfasMix Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I was about to hit withdraw but I accidentally hit X. XD
DeityDiz93 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Oh, I see. ^^;
Well like I said, it's no problem, and all should be sorted by now.
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Any idea when the contest results are going to come in?
Spaztique Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just started thirty minutes ago, and it's resulted in this. Here's the appropriate funkadelic music.
Ispod4 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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